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WELCOME TO B-MOVIES, a film production company based in Bristol but working for clients all over the world. With over ten years' experience, we have worked on hundreds of projects for clients including the United Nations, the BBC, the Malawi Government, the V&A museum, Commerzbank, Penguin, NGOs/Charities and everything in-between. The below is a small snapshot of recent work we've produced but if you would like more information or further examples please call us on +44 (0)3333 446648 or click here.
High court of Justice, London
Client: The Bar Council
This 5 minute film looks at how the cuts to legal aid have made justice increasingly difficult for the poor, the reasons the cuts are flawed and some of the solutions.
Kenyan water vendor and her daughter
Client: The One Foundation
5 minute film looking at how water kiosks in Kenya can provide clean water and employment opportunities for locals..